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About La Perle By Dragone

Dubai is not only about gold, Burj Khalifa, and desert but the gem of the middle east has progressed in the art to a way far and thus proudly hosts an exceptional visual treat for the visitors at a specially designed theatre – Al Habtoor Theatre. And the show is the La Perle by Dragone show. This show is incomparable in many terms like the show is performed on the stage which instantly gets converted from dry to wet and integrates never-seen features like the on-stage pool that has 2.7 million litres of water and gushing waterfalls. Legendary creative director Franco Dragone has truly invested his all skills and expertise to make this show massive and high-node of artistry, and so the show is better known as la perle by dragone.

The creatively choreographed unique theatre performance integrates several breath-taking stunts that are enough to keep you on the edges of your seats. The amazing acrobatics, state-of-the-art technology aid, and awe-inspiring actions will prove your decision to book the show tickets right! Over 65 artists originally from 23 countries combinedly produce a complete visual treat for visitors offering them an immersive and intimate experience. This traditionally-based fairy tale is perfect for all those who want to reawaken their inner child with smoothly woven contortion, flying, diving, motorcycles defying gravity along with acrobatics and other aerial and aquatic stunts. Never miss this golden chance of being a witness to an out-of-class, wondrous, and entertaining show during your Dubai Trip!

La Perle Theater Ticket Experience

Skip the hassles and book your La Perle show tickets in advance either from the official website or rely on the most-trusted platforms. Even though there are ‌1300 seats divided into 14 rows arranged in such a way that each viewer can experience a full-view theatrical experience, relying on technology for advance booking is a wiser option always. Go with advance online booking to avail of attractive discounts, instant cash-backs, and confirmed seats so that you can enjoy this mesmerizing experience to its best. Select from the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP pass, or make a combo of tickets with a dine-in option to round off your day!Get inspired by the thrilling performance that incorporates a huge amount of 65 crew cast from 23 countries. Be a witness of a spectacular performance that is casted from the specially-built set incorporating 12-meter on-stage pool, cascading waterfalls. The out-of-class show directed by legendary director Franco Dragone sets 10 shows per week. Captivate the live performance of world-class actors that are proficient in dazzling, incredible stunts like acrobatics, diving, flying.

Meet the Characters at La Perle Show


The core character of the la Perle show is portrayed as a greedy and childish pearl collector who uses all his power to make celestial love triumph. The dressing of this character is huge and the actor manages it flawlessly throughout the 90-minute show.

Pearl Girl

Pearl is a courageous girl who comes from the real world, foreign to the land in search of pearl. She meets various characters and lives an adventurous life through time and space to find the love of her life. The story revolves around her as she falls into a dream-like state and travels through the streets of UAE in search of a lost pearl. She comes across several characters from completely different cultures and worlds.


He is a gladiator enough to influence his female fans with his moves. Antar is a loyal man to the king who defines the meaning of loyalty. But, along with the masculine body, he has a tender heart that never thinks about a second for doing anything when there is a question of protection of the Princess Pearl. He also loves her madly and is ready to do anything for her. His gratitude to the greedy King is undying!


When there is all well in a tale, there comes a role for the antagonist! In this fairy tale, Prince plays the antagonist who is also a servant of the King but vicious and evil in nature. He breaks all norms and does everything with his cunning moves to prevent the King from achieving his goals. Currently, the role is being played by an Indian artist- Bhavik Patel.


If you are aware of the Chinese Lion dance, then this character may not be a surprise for you! The king of the la perle by dragone keeps this lion as his pet. This is actually inspired by the traditional Chinese Lion dance. As there is a ban on animals to use them commercially, two artists come together in a costume to play the Lion without any hassle. It performs some incredible leaps in Lion dance along with illuminating on a blackened stage for a touch of the Middle East.


Cyborg characters wear bright outfits and come from the future. Their flawless command over the stunts like acrobatics, and aerial acts are enough to keep you on the edges of your seats. Some of them perform water stunts in the on-stage pool, where some are proficient and enforce viewers to blow whistles in joy as they can be seen flying across the stage at 15 Km an hour before diving from 25 metres into the pool and disappearing to return within a second later.

Top Dine In Places at La Perle Dubai


Enjoy group parties with unpretentious settings of either a traditional interior or foliage-filled terrace with the bird’s-eye view of the restaurant from the mezzanine floor. Calm your tastebuds with lip-smacking authentic Japanese Food at Gonpachi. The unparalleled Japanese experience will bring you to Japan of a bygone era. The menu mainly features authentic Japanese cuisines like Kushi-style grilled skewers, tempura, fresh soba noodles, sushi, and sashimi. Complement your main course with famous wagyu paired with innovative mixology. No wonder you will end up with a memorable experience of the best Japanese meal and a perfect ambiance.

Il Pastaio

Drop yourself at II Pastaio for an Italian course which carries the legacy of big-names from Los Angeles and serves world-class impeccable food in a cozier, authentic ambiance. Make your afternoon better with a three-course set menu cooked with Italian dishes directly from Beverly Hill and load your social media accounts with signature, homemade plates of pasta such as Spaghetti Al Caviale, Paccheri Alla Justin Bieber. Round off your gastronomic journey on a sweet note with signature desserts like Tiramisu and Panna Cotta.

Le Patio

Ditch the closed-roof ambiance to enjoy the chic open-air lounge and restaurant that is located at central courtyard of Habtoor Palace Dubai. It is one of the most-preferred dine-in options after visiting the visual extravaganza of La Perle by dragone to enjoy the international cuisine away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s lifestyle. Spend your evening dedicated to socializing and dining with an international three-course feast and free-flow within a relaxed and inviting ambiance. Add a touch of class and zing to your meal with refreshing mocktails of shisha flavour and others.

Don’t Miss to Read Before Visiting La Perle Dubai

  • La Perle Show in Dubai is a brainchild of famous creative director Franco Dragone who has been accoladed for his artistry work like Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion.
  • The theatre is located in the heart of the AI Habtoor City and is specially designed for the show that turns the stage from dry to wet, includes an on-stage pool, a futuristic lighting system, and provides seating arrangement across 14 rows for 1288 individuals.
  • The 90-minutes of performance will take you into another world of excitement, emotions, adventure, and thrill.
  • A cast of 65 artists from 23 countries feature together to offer a spectacular show in, on, and above the water.
  • Along with smooth synchronized acrobatic acts, the show also showcases unbelievable aerial stunts among which diving from 25 meters high on the on-stage pool fetches enormous accreditation.

Know Before You Visit La Perle By Dragone

Essential Information
How to Reach
Parking Facilities

Plan your visit before arriving La Perle Dubai for a hassel free experience

1. Timings:La Perle show in Dubai is scheduled on Tuesday to Saturday and starts from 06.30 PM to 09.00 PM. Make sure that you drop early for this 90-minute show as late entries are not entertained.

2. Location:This Fantabulous show is casted in a specially designed theatre called AI Habtoor Theatre located at the heart of AI Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Business Bay Area.

3. Best Time to Visit:La Perle shows are best to enjoy in a quieter environment, so schedule your visit during the weekdays. As weekends are crowded, one cannot truly enjoy the artistry and skills of the show. Buy combo tickets for dining and show that starts from 06.30 PM onwards to make a complete delighted evening.

The venue of La Perle Show is the AI Habtoor Theatre which is located at the centre of the AI Habtoor City which is quite the busiest region of Dubai. So, it is always recommended that you reach the city 45-50 minutes prior to the show schedule. You can avail any of the commute options:

By Bus:Bus numbers- 21, 29,44,8,93, C1, E306 and alight at the nearest bus stop depending upon your way from any of the following:- Al Ghubaiba Metro Station- Nahda Street – 01- Al Fahidie Metro Bus Stop A – 02- Burjuman Metro Station- Al Ras Metro Bus Stop – 02- Al Ras Metro Bus Stop

By Metro:Take the RTA M2 metro line and alight at either of these metro stations- Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro Station or Business Bay Metro Station or Financial Centre Metro Station.

Don’t worry about the parking facilities as the venue hosts several parking options in front of the theatre:

Free Parking:Follow the signs for AI Habtoor City Parking to find a complimentary self-parking area. Note that these parking slots are available for a maximum of 3 hours.

Paid Parking:Park your vehicle on a pay basis in the paid parking area located at Safa Park area adjacent to the theatre.

Valet Parking:Get rid of the hassles of finding the parking spots and hand over your vehicle keys for valet parking available at the theatre’s entrance for AED 50. VIP ticket holders can avail of this facility on a complimentary basis.

To let enjoy this immersive show to all, there are certain rules to be followed:- Children below 2 years are not allowed in the theatre, whereas there is no categorization of child and adult for tickets as prices are same for all.- Individuals can book up to 20 tickets at a time. - La Perle show ticket price includes the price for the show only, and does not include food charges.- Late comers are not allowed to enter the theatre once the show starts and can gain access to the venue during the suitable break and may be assigned different seats to avoid disturbance to the present audience. - Tickets are treated as proof of purchase at the ticket counter. If shows get cancelled, vouchers for rescheduled shows are provided.- Loss of ticket can get a replacement at the counter only if you show valid proof of purchase.

FAQs of La Perle By Dragone

What is so special about La Perle by Dragone?

The La Perle show captures Dubai’s artistry and ingenuity so well and is created by the world’s most renowned artistic director that features 65 artists synchronously acting together for a series of vignettes. Be witness to some spectacular aerial, aquatic, and acrobatic stunts that will create an awestruck stage performance on dry-to-wet and vice versa transforming stage along with cascading waterfalls and on-stage pool that drives attention the most.

What are the characters found to be at La Perle by Dragone?

  1. King- A role with an ambitious character who is behind collecting more and more pearls and does everything to make celestial love triumph.
  2. Pearl Girl- A brave girl from the real world to the kingdom and lives an adventurous life through space and time to find love for her life.
  3. Antar- A loyalist gladiator to the king breaks all norms to protect Princess Pearl who loves him.
  4. Prince- King’s trusted aide who prevents the king from achieving his goal by all means.
  5. Lion- The King’s pet born from the traditional Chinese Lion Dance.
  6. Cyborg- People that wear bright and very showy outfits and reflect the future.

What is the Dress Code you prefer to wear at La Perle Show?

Dress code for the La Perle show is casual formal in which men can wear chinos with casual shirt and a fitted suit. Women can opt for tailored jumpsuits and heels or any stunning dresses to match their appearance in this five-star venue.

Which La Perle Show Seats Offer the Best View?

To get the best view of the show, try to purchase the tickets in the rows closer to the stage and that ranges from seat numbers 1-10 in K, L, M rows. Seats with VIP Tickets also offer the best view of the La Perle show with larger seats.

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For how long does the La Perle Show go for?

The La Perle shows have 10 shows per week that are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday from 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM and on Saturday 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM. Each performance is 90 minutes.

Who is the creator behind La Perle by Dragone Show Dubai?

The visual masterpiece La Perle show is a brainchild of legendary producer and creative Director Franco Dragone. He is globally recognized for rejuvenating the theatre, blending it with artistic performance, technology, and imagination.

What kind of performances take place in La Perle?

La Perle show is really a visual extravaganza that includes the best of the acrobatic performances with death-defying stunts, dances that are beautifully choreographed that makes audiences emotional along with lights and exquisite music that completes the magical show.


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